Need Help: How to Download

Need Help: How to Download


Watch this video Otherwise follow the steps below:

Part 1
1. Firstly open any anime you wants to download.

Part 2

2. Then, click any episode you wants to download.

Part 3
3. After this a popup will appear just like this.
Then, click the button " I'm not a robot"

Part 4

4. Now, click the "Get Link" Button and remember that Do these steps quickly otherwise more ads were start showing.

Part 5

5. Just like this, Go to the original page and press "Get Link" Again.

Part 6

6. Now this is the last part, You can download the video by pressing the "Download" button. For more detail you can watch the video above.
Further, Please report any broken links by a comment. For example, If episode 1 is not working then put these words below "Episode 1 is not working" The new link will be posted in next 24 hours thank you!


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